How to Increase Video Streaming Speed In Windows PC

When you are trying to watch a video online slow streaming of that video  can kill the appeal and it’s viewing experience.Windows has a built in program known as windows media player which help us to stream video online. So you can increase video streaming speed by adjusting the buffing setting.A lower network buffering rate […]

How to Transfer Files Between PC and Android Phone

5 Ways to Improve Your PC Performance

Performance of your PC depends upon the maintenance provided by you.That means you have to keep always a lookabout disk space, registry disk space, viruses, disk errors.These 5 tips will help  to improve your pc performance. 5 ways to Improve Your PC Performance 1.Clean up disk space By cleaning up disk space it will help you […]

How to Send Large Video & Audio File On Whatsapp

When You are trying to Send Large Video & Audio File On Whatsapp it says this video or audio is too big with –mb .That means you can not send that file.Whatsapp allows to send  video or audio which is less than 16mb.But don’t worry here we will provide a tip through which you can easily send […]

Best 5 Apps To Backup Contacts & Messages On Android

Now a days all android devices are coming with a great feature that is restore factory option.By this option you can easily restore all your android device data as before when you purchase it from shop.This restore factory option take back your phone to the initial position when you purchased it and all your contacts, […]

Two Ways To Disable App Notifications On Android

Are you getting irritated from app notifications on your android phone If its a ‘yes’, then there is an easy way-out to stop receiving the unwanted notifications from any specific app.This post will help you to disable app notification on android. Note: Only disable app notification if you are so irritated with that apps.Once you disable the notification […]

How To Hide Whatsapp photos & videos from your Gallery

Whatsapp is now  become so popular just because of their latest features like video calling, Chatting, File sharing, privacy options etc.With whatsapp messenger we can share photos & videos easily.When your friend share any photos and videos with you and whatsapp group it will automatically added to your android phone gallery.But some photos&videos you don’t want […]

Fix Windows 10 Restarts After Selecting Shutdown

If you find that your windows 10 pc restarts after selecting shutdown then this post will help you a lot.  Two Ways To Fix Windows 10 Restarts After Selecting Shutdown   1. To fix this issue here are some tips below.Try them all to fix this issue Run power Troubleshooter  and let it to fix […]

Top 10 Tips To Fix Google Play Store Not Working Problem

Android user have many problem with google play store.However it sometimes doesn’t work for you.Here we have some tips to fix the google play store not working on android phone.Basically this type problem occur when you are trying to download games or apps from play store. First thing we recommend you to take a look […]

Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android

Now a days video editing become so popular.There are many reasons to edit a video,because without editing we can not upload it to social network like facebook and other.To save money, you can use some video editing apps on android  which are free of charge to edit videos.Here we will tell you Top 5 Best Free […]