How To Add Desktop SideBar On Windows PC

There is beautiful element on windows 7  known as Desktop Gadgets.It’s allows user to add clock,calendar and sidebar.There are a lot of sidebar software is available for windows PC.there is one, which is worth looking at and that is Desktop Sidebar. It will let you add Desktop SideBar On Windows PC With the help of this […]

How to Find Forgotten WiFi Password On PC

Do you need to give your wireless password to a friend or guest, but can’t remember it? Are you locked out of your own network because your computer decided to forget the password? If you need to find your wireless connection password,then Look below how to find forgotten WiFi password On PC. There may come […]

How to Reset Forgotten Password On Windows 7 And 10

If you were ever to forget your Windows login password,then this guide will help you how reset password on windows 7 and 10.Look below to how to do this.It is very easy to reset your password on your PC with our guide. 1.How to Reset Forgotten Password On Windows 7 Start or restart your Windows […]