How to use the hidden Screen Recorder in Windows 10

Taking a static screenshot is very simple. You can either hit the Print Screen key, use the Snipping Tool, or turn to one of the countless screen capture tools out there — many of which are free. When it comes to capturing video, however, it’s something of a different story. Before you splash out on […]

How to Get Recycle Bin Feature on Android

If you have ever used any windows pc,then you should know the recycle bin feature in it.It works by catching the deleted file and enable you to restore them in it’s original location.This might not come useful in our day to day work cycle but when you accidentally delete your files or folder, the recycle […]

How To Enable Windows Spotlight In Windows 10

We know  “bing images of the day” before.Bing images of the day  are a collection of latest home page background images from Bing .com.It explores some of the best images and allowing you set them as a wallpaper.But there is a change of this feature in windows 10.That change of feature is known as  Windows Spotlight.Windows […]

10 Easy Tips To Improve Android Battery Life

Battery life is one of the biggest issues in the Android devices, it could be phone or tablet.As compare to a simple phone Android phone have more features and functions like gaming, web browsing, media playing, GPS, video calls, etc so  that blow away any other cellphones on the market.Here we will introduce you 10 […]

Two Ways To Create WiFi Hotspot In Windows

Here we will tell how to create a WiFi Hotspot in windows 8,or windows 10 .That means you can convert your laptop or desktop to wireless hotspot so the other device will connect to your wireless network.The wifi hotspot facility is now already given in new laptops but not in old laptops so, it creates […]

How To Boot Into Safe Mode In Windows 10

If you have used windows 8 or windows 8.1  pro for a while you might have noticed that the old way of booting into safe mode will no longer work.By older way trying things like pressing the F8 or Shift + F8 keys on your keyboard while booting.These method stopped working in normal cases because the […]

Two Ways to Hide Apps or Games on Android Phone

 How to Hide Apps or Games on Android Phone: There are  many apps or games on your android phone,which you do not  want to anyone will access it.But in some situations we have to share our phone with our friends and relatives. But we also don’t want to share personal information and Apps with them. […]

How To Add, Remove and Change Language in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with english language by default but you can also change this language on your pc .some users might not be convenient with this language or want to change this language in their pc.If you want to change the language then this post is going to help you a lot.Here we will tell […]

How To Download Facebook Videos on Android

If you have a Android phone and you are  a active user of facebook you must know how to download facebook videos on your android phone.This is so easy now to download facebook videos that appears in your timeline.  Download Facebook Videos on Android : The recent versions of Facebook app for Android and iOS […]

How To Stop Auto Update Of Apps Or Games On Android

Android has an inbuilt option of auto-update of apps in its official app store- the Google Play Store.This is a good function of android system to auto update apps or games from play store .But sometimes it is annoying,when we have no data or we are busy.Since as soon as you connect to the internet or […]