How To Make Video Calls On WhatsApp With Other Apps

Video calling is arguably the most hotly anticipated WhatsApp feature. If you’ve become impatient waiting for the WhatsApp to roll it out, read on to discover how you can have a video call with any of your WhatsApp contacts right now.Here we have provided the tips that you can make video calls on whatsapp with […]

Top 5 Best Android Themes 2016 For Your Device

Looking for best android themes for your device ? want to give a new look to your smartphone.Then you came to the right place.Here we have provided best android themes for your device 2016.These are the best launchers and they provides us the beautiful themes to launch on android device.So look below,download the best launcher and […]

10 Best Tips And Tricks Chrome Of Android

Chrome of android is one of the most popular browser on the market.But are you getting the most out of it? Check out some of our tips and tricks for easy ways to enhance your Chrome experience. 10 Best Tips And Tricks Chrome Of Android   1. Game when you’re offline Did you lose your […]

How to Get Back Deleted Photos From Android

If you have deleted your important photos or albums by mistake or or had your smartphone accidentally wipe everything from your gallery, then you know that particular variety of ”bottomless pit in your guts” feeling. Never fear, your lost photos are not really lost at all. We’ll show you just how easy it is to  get back deleted photos […]

Top 5 Best Shooter Android Games Of 2016

There are a lot of games are available on google play store for your smartphones and tablets.which makes it hard to find quality games, or ones worth spending money on. For those who love to get headshots or FPS titles, here are 10 or so of the best shooter android games available in 2016.Gaming on […]

Tip To Factory Reset The HTC One Plus 2

The OnePlus 2 packs in a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to overall performance, but that doesn’t stop it from occasionally running into software issues. Be it unresponsive keys, app crashes or camera problems; sometimes, we just can’t fix these errors even after trying every trick in the book. And that’s […]

Top 5 Best Mission Games For Android Phone

There are a lot of mission games are available on the google play store.But some of the games are not good because they are too big,unsupported with your android version,too much advertisements,not easy to controls and many other reasons.But after today you don’t need to worry about that reasons.Today on readfornext we have provided top […]

Tip to Use Google Map Offline On Android Device

Now it is possible to use google map offline.which is ideal if you find yourself needing to scope out a route or figure out where you are when you have no Wi-Fi or have run out of your monthly data allowance. Many people use Google Maps almost daily, so being able to download offline maps is a […]

Top 10 Best Android Phones In India 2016

With Android thoroughly dominating the mobile industry, picking the best Android Phones is almost synonymous with choosing the best smartphones, period. But while Android phones have few real opponents on other platforms, internal competition is incredibly fierce. From sleek devices that impress with premium design, to powerhouses brimming with features, to all-around great devices, and affordable […]

How To Block Disturbing Apps On Android At Once

Have to finish your project work but keep getting disturbed by Clash of Clans notifications? Need to study for your exams but can’t stop your instant urge from checking your phone for recent messages or updates from your friends? Your friends spending more time on their phone when the whole group goes for dinner and […]