Google Voice Assistant Comes To JioPhone Check All Information

Google Voice Assistant Comes To JioPhone and it is become the first feature phone which supports google voice assistant in india.

Google has launched the Android Oreo Go Edition at the Google for India event held in New Delhi, India. At the same event, the company also announced the Google Assistant support for feature phones which have internet connectivity.

Google Voice Assistant Comes To JioPhone

The announcement was made by Google at the Google for India event. A live demo of the Google Assistant in the JioPhone showcased its abilities which include all the basic and important functions of a full-fledged Google Assistant like delivering search results, playing music and sending text messages using voice commands and more.

The Google Assistant will be available in both Hindi and English on the JioPhone. Anyways, there is no any official confirmation regarding when it will be rolled out to the users. As far as the demo shown at the event is concerned, the voice assistant will help you to send text message, play music and deliver search results all by using the voice commands.