How To Make Video Calls On WhatsApp With Other Apps

Video calling is arguably the most hotly anticipated WhatsApp feature. If you’ve become impatient waiting for the WhatsApp to roll it out, read on to discover how you can have a video call with any of your WhatsApp contacts right now.Here we have provided the tips that you can make video calls on whatsapp with another third party applications on play store.

How To Make Video Calls On WhatsApp

Booyah is an application that has beaten WhatsApp to the punch on its own feature. It brings the ability to conduct video calls between your WhatsApp contacts before any other app has on Android.

To use the video conferencing feature, the individual or group of contacts need to have Booyah installed on their devices. The interesting thing about this app is that only WhatsApp contacts can receive and accept invitations for video calls, differentiating Booyah from other video conferencing apps on Android.

Make Video Calls On WhatsApp

Booyah fared better in calls limited to two people; group chats fell victim to poor audio quality at times. In both cases, the image quality was about average, comparable to Skype.

 Make Video Calls On WhatsApp

Another point worth highlighting is the way calls are made. Instead of the application using a traditional direct connection, Booyah sends users a link inviting them to join the video call.

So the only notification that is sent to the invited users is a message containing a link to the video call, which will show up as a WhatsApp message notification. If a user doesn’t have Booyah installed, the message will be replaced with a link to download the app through the Google Play Store.

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The application began its life on iOS, but has now made the move over to Android. Hopefully the developers can correct the problems with audio quality and optimize the way Booyah invites users in future versions of the app. But, for those who don’t want to wait for the official WhatsApp video call update, Booyah offers a solid alternative.